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Bernanke Goes Nuclear

While Congress spent another day playing political “Clue” — Senator Dodd — with the red pen — in the backroom, Ben Bernanke reminded us once again why the Federal Reserve is currently the most powerful institution on the planet. Many of us have been led to believe that the foundation is being laid for economic recovery, however recent acts by the Fed amount to a significant escalation in our war against deflation and are additional indications that our economic situation may be more grave than most of us believe. Continue reading

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Our Culture of Arrogance and Isolation

Jim Cramer, Nadya Suleman, Bernie Madoff, John Thain, Alex Rodriguez, Rush Limbaugh – these 6 names (or their peers) consume an inordinate percentage of current media coverage. Why are we as a culture obsessed with a former hedge fund manager turned financial-entertainer, a woman who had octuplets, a ponzi scheme operator, a disgraced CEO of Merrill Lynch and a professional athlete who admitted to taking steroids? Continue reading

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