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The Danger of Madoff style “Clawbacks”

Think back to Enron. Many investors made large sums of money off Enron stock in the late 90’s, gains that in retrospect were at least partly due to fraud being committed by executives at Enron. Many investors (and employees) lost large sums of money on the same Enron stock in 2001 as the aforementioned fraud unraveled. Should those investors who sold at the peak in 2000 have to give part of their gains to investors and employees who were either unwilling or unable to sell their shares? Continue reading


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My thoughts on the SEC’s short sell proposals

A few of my thoughts (and others) on the SEC’s new proposals

Reuters – Reuters – Short ETFs under microscope as SEC pounces

Dallas Morning News – Experts sound off on SEC’s potential curbs on short-selling

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The Promise of Twitter

Imagine a world where you, as an everyday investor with a 401k and an ETrade account, could have direct and unfettered access to what many of the world’s top traders are thinking and trading; in real time; and for free. Now take that example and extrapolate it across any industry, hobby or event, no matter how esoteric. This utopia has been promised to us many times before, but I believe it is finally here. Continue reading

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