The Definition Of A Must Read

If you care about investing at all, I implore you to read the 2013 Credit Suisse Global Investment Returns Yearbook.

The section on “low-return world” deserve special attention and should be required reading for anyone who ever mentions “asset allocation”, “expected rate of return” or “retirement planning”.  I fear there are far too many firms/advisors/products still basing future estimates off US bond/equity returns from the past 70 years, an environment that is not only very different from where we are today, but was also one of best investing environments ever recorded.

Also make sure to read the section on “Mean reversion” and the results of their walk-forward testing on mean reversion of valuation ratios.  Their conclusions may change the way you react the next time you are presented with an extremely well written and researched piece discussing a market’s extreme over/under valuation.

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